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TT07 Integrated electricity-gas-hydrogen systems: an introduction (Part I)

Sunday, 25 June 2023
15:45 - 17:45



As countries worldwide accelerate their efforts to meet net-zero carbon emission targets, integrated energy systems and sector coupling are seen as a key means towards whole-system decarbonization. In particular, hydrogen and especially “green” hydrogen obtained from electrolysis and renewable electricity could play a major role thanks to its versatility to operate across multiple energy sectors. Besides direct applications of
green hydrogen for industry and export, promising applications are as a form of both short-term and long-term storage options to accommodate more and more electricity from variable renewable energy sources, in case by injection of green hydrogen into existing gas networks, or development of new, dedicated hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure.

Overall, integrated electricity, gas and hydrogen systems (IEGHS) will interact with each other with greater and greater complexity, which calls for advanced models, frameworks, and solution techniques for the operation and planning of such future integrated energy systems and the underlying multi-energy infrastructure.

Based on the extensive experience of the authors with research and industry projects around the world, this tutorial will explore the techno economic modelling of IEGHS from transmission to distribution, with a closer look into their integrated operation and planning. This tutorial will also introduce state-of-the-art solution techniques to solve such complex problems in a scalable fashion.

Course Outline (duration 4h)

1. Introduction and motivation (15 minutes)
2. Mathematical modelling of IEGHS (50 minutes)
3. Q&A (5 minutes)
4. Sequential linear programming for operational problems in IEGHS (30 minutes)
5. Q&A (5 minutes)
6. Optimal integrated planning of electricity and hydrogen infrastructure for large-scale renewable energy transport and storage (30 minutes)
7. Live demo of an IEGHS Modelling Tool developed by the presenters (20 minutes)
8. Q&A (5 minutes)
9. Aggregated flexibility from multiple electrolyzers in distribution-level IEGHS (30 minutes)
10. Q&A (5 minutes)
11. Techno-economic modelling of integrated electricity-hydrogen energy hubs and virtual power plants (30 minutes)
12. Q&A (5 minutes)
13. Concluding remarks (10 minutes)



Sleiman Mhanna
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Pierluigi Mancarella
The University of Melbourne, Australia


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