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Improved Methodology For Solving Short-Term Inadequacy

Short-Term Adequacy (STA) is one of services that are performed by Regional Coordination Centres/ Regional Security Coordinators. STA service is consisted of two processes. Cross-regional STA process is performed with the goal to determine if the reliable available capacity and possibilities for import of control areas can supply the demand of those control areas (this process is done on pan-European level). If adequacy is not satisfied for some control area based on the outcome of cross-regional STA process, Regional Adequacy Assessment should be performed with the goal of solving inadequacy within corresponding region [1]. Methodology for solving inadequacy in South East Europe region is developed within Horizon 2020 project CROSSBOW [2]. This methodology is consisted of two parts: calculation of probabilistic adequacy indicators and determination of optimal adequacy transactions that solve detected inadequacy. Second part of the given methodology is improved within Horizon 2020 project TRINITY and this improved algorithm for determination of optimal adequacy transactions is presented in this paper, with the special focus on the differences between CROSSBOW and TRINITY results.

Andrijana Presic
SCC Ltd.

Dusan Presic
SCC Ltd.

Pablo Bort


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