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Regularised Learning With Selected Physics For Power System Dynamics

Due to the increasing system stability issues caused by the technological revolutions of power system equipment, the assessment of the dynamic security of the systems for changing operating conditions (OCs) is nowadays crucial. To address the computational time problem of conventional dynamic security assessment tools, many machine learning (ML) approaches have been proposed and well-studied in this context. However, these learned models only rely on data, and thus miss resourceful information offered by the physical system. To this end, this paper focuses on combining the power system dynamical model together with the conventional ML. Going beyond the classic Physics Informed Neural Networks (PINNs), this paper proposes Selected Physics Informed Neural Networks (SPINNs) to predict the system dynamics for varying OCs. A two-level structure of feed-forward NNs is proposed, where the first NN predicts the generator bus rotor angles (system states) and the second NN learns to adapt to varying OCs. We show a case study on an IEEE-9 bus system that considering selected physics in model training reduces the amount of needed training data. Moreover, the trained model effectively predicted long-term dynamics that were beyond the time scale of the collected training dataset (extrapolation).

Haiwei Xie
TU Delft

Federica Bellizio
e Urban Energy Systems Laboratory, Empa

Jochen Cremer
TU Delft

Goran Strbac
Imperial College London
United Kingdom


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