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Assessment of Demand Response Impact On The Frequency Stability of Low-Inertia Power Systems

This paper describes a study that sought to analyse the impact of an active demand response on the frequency stability of the Iberian Peninsula for operation scenarios extending to 2040. For that purpose, one developed dynamic models for primary and secondary frequency control provision from demand-side resources, namely Electric Vehicles (EV), thermostatically controlled loads (TCL), and electrolysers. Those models were developed under a Matlab/Simulink environment, and added to a two-area control model representative of the Iberian Peninsula interconnected to the CESA area. Then, one ran simulations of reference disturbances (loss of a large generator or distributed generation) in the developed platform, once it was fully implemented.

Rodrigo Afonso
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

João Abel Peças Lopes


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