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Organization of Virtual Inertia Control of A Wind Power Plant Operating In The Network With A Predominant Content of Renewable Energy Sources

The development of technologies that allow increasing the regulating abilities of a wind power plant (WPP) is a relevant problem, since the low inertia of renewable energy sources results in a decrease in the stability of power systems having a great amount of wind power plants. One of the solutions to increase the stability of such power systems is the development of virtual inertia of wind turbines. However, due to the limited power and control capabilities of each individual wind generator, the efficiency of virtual inertia implementation may be insufficient in the case of its independent realization for individual units. Moreover, uncoordinated control can influence on the power system stability. This paper proposes a coordinated control of several wind turbines (i.e. a wind farm) at once. The proposed solution is based on a multi-agent approach. The coordination of control is performed before the emergency conditions.

Andrey Achitaev
Sayano-Shushensky branch of Siberian Federal University

Konstantin Suslov
National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”

Pavel Ilyushin
Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Alexander Domyshev
Melentiev Energy Systems Institute


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