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Determination of Led Lamp Model Parameters By Using Analytical - Optimization Approach

Due to advantages in energy consumption, luminous efficacy, and service life, light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are becoming increasingly popular as means of lighting in all load sectors. On the other hand, LED lamps represent typical single-phase non-linear loads, so their impact on the power quality of the distribution system must be evaluated. To predict the harmonic current emissions from LED lamps into the grids, this paper investigates suitable models that can accurately predict these emissions. Since the topology of the typical LED lamp models is known, the parameters of these models need to be determined. This paper presents a method for estimating the unknown parameters of typical, widely used LED lamp models. The proposed method is based on: (a) a general approach to analytically determine the waveform of the input LED lamp current and (b) the definition of the objective function for minimizing the deviations between the calculated and the measured LED lamp input current. The NelderMead search optimization method was used to determine the optimum of the objective function. The described LED lamp modes and the parameters determined with the proposed estimation method were verified on the example of two different, widely used LED lamps. Excellent agreement was found between the estimated and measured LED lamp model parameters, as well as between the measured and simulated input LED lamp current waveforms. Furthermore, the influence of the defined initial vectors of the optimization method and the influence of the harmonic order of the source voltage on the results of the parameter estimation of the analyzed LED lamp models was investigated.

Amir Tokić
University of Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Meris Redžić
University of Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mensur Kasumović
University of Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Viktor Milardić
University of Zagreb

Ivan Ramljak
University of Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Predrag Stefanov
University of Belgrade


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